What Our Clients Say!

Never looked back! 

I had been a smoker for 40 years.   A few years ago I made several attempts to stop, but severe withdrawals prevented me from doing so.  I felt I was not capable of stopping because of these side effects, and then I heard about James Jameson from a friend.  I went to see him with no preconceived idea that I would succeed.  He put me at my ease and implanted the idea that I no longer craved nicotine.  I came home that evening, threw  the remainder of my cigarettes in the bin and have never wanted to smoke again.  James helped me overcome the problem –  I never looked back and will be four years smoke free in February.

Frances L 

Homemaker, Dublin



Worked wonders!

During a smoking career lasting 26 years I tried everything that was going that might help me stop killing myself with cigarettes, but nothing worked.  I felt particularly bad when I got involved with my child’s football team and found that I couldn’t keep up.  I began to get seriously worried about my health.
Then I saw an ad for hypnosis with Jameson Therapies.  Given my past experiences of trying to quit, I thought long and hard before making the appointment – but I made that appointment and I’ve never looked back.  The experience of hypnosis was good, and it worked wonders!  I am now happily and finally free of cigarettes!

Joseph H

Factory Worker, Wicklow



I thoroughly recommend it!

I started smoking over five years ago and I tried to give up many times but I found it extremely difficult and I never actually managed to succeed for very long.  After I went to James Jameson I could not believe the result.  I found the whole experience very relaxing and pleasant.  When I walked out after the hypnosis session I felt really energetic and very soon started to feel healthier.  I noticed that my sense of smell and taste greatly improved and I was delighted that my hair and clothes no longer smelled of smoke.  All in all I thoroughly recommend it.

Lisa D

Office Sales, Dublin.


Quitting became very easy!

I was smoking about 20 cigarettes a day when I tried to give up on my own.  I failed.  I then tried patches and nicotine gum, but nothing worked.  My health, fitness and even my finances were being badly affected.  Then I rang James Jameson and made an appointment.  After the session, which lasted an hour and was very pleasant, quitting cigarettes became very easy.  I felt happier in myself and stopped smoking easily.   I am now comfortably free of cigarettes.

Anthony C

Retail Sales