Perfect One to One With Skype


Quit Cigarettes via SkypeQuit Cigarettes with James JamesonEffective over Skype

Did you know that One to One Stop Smoking Sessions conducted over Skype are every bit as effective as when you are physically present with James?
In recent years James has quite successfully helped many clients, some from as far away as Turkey and Australia to quit cigarettes without them ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.
Says James “When I first started working via Skype I was unsure how effective it would be.  At the time I decided to conduct the sessions exactly as I would if the client were physically sitting in front of me.  I discovered the results were exactly the same – people went into hypnosis quite easily, they found the experience of hypnosis every bit as enjoyable, and people stopped smoking at the same very high rate as clients I worked with in my clinic.”
So if you live far away, or even on another continent, you can still avail of a personal one to one session with James and reap the same excellent results.

How it Works

If you want to work directly with James then all you have to do is email, Skype message or phone James per details in the contact page stating the times and dates that would best suit you (sessions are usually 60 to 90 minutes long).
James will then contact you with a suggested appointment time and date and a short questionnaire and agreement to be completed and returned.  Payment can be effected either by Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Then you simply turn up at the agreed time and date on Skype and like so many happy clients before you you can look forward to being completely free of cigarettes.

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