Perfect Approach


Hypnosis and NLP 

A synergistic combination where the result is greater than the sum of the parts

Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in combination form a superb synergistic partnership in the science of self-improvement.


Hypnosis is as ancient as mankind, and is long recognised as a powerful tool for healing, the accessing of wisdom, self-development and the creation of positive behavioral change.

As the majority of stuck, unwanted or undesirable behaviors are governed subconsciously they can be quite difficult to change using traditional “conscious” efforts such as positive thinking and willpower.  That is because these efforts operate at the conscious as opposed to the subconscious level of the problem.

Of all the approaches to resolving unconsciously driven behaviors one stands head and shoulders above the rest, simply because it deals directly with the locus of the problem -the subconscious.  That approach is Hypnosis.

In the very pleasant state that is hypnosis the subconscious becomes readily available for communication. As a result a skilled hypnotherapist can, by utilising this connection, facilitate major positive changes at the unconscious level and as a result undesirable behaviors such as smoking cigarettes can be much more easily dispensed with.

Hypnosis can at times be so effective that  the improvement clients experience can seem magical.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (better known as NLP) has its origins in the 1970’s.  By evolving a view of the mind based on the idea of the mind as a “system” and the powerful effects of the different uses of language (linguistics) on that system a whole new way of understanding the operation of the human mind emerged.

Based initially on the study of a small number of superb therapists the founders of NLP were able to isolate the language use, gestures, and actions that were giving these therapists their superb results. As a result, they were able to take ordinary citizens off the street and train them to get similar results to the superb therapists in a matter of days.

NLP became “the science of success”.  As a new understanding of the operation of the mind emerged innovative techniques in the use of language, gesture, tonality, pitch and visualisation were developed which were highly effective in producing beneficial change for people in all sorts of fields ranging from therapy, to the arts, business and sport.

Hypnosis and NLP Combined

Before long the developers and practitioners of NLP began to realise that by combining their approach with hypnosis and its connection with the subconscious the benefits of NLP could not just be embedded more powerfully, but often they could be enhanced.

When it came to the beneficial changing of human behavior NLP and Hypnosis became a “marriage made in heaven”.

As a result practitioners trained in both Hypnosis and NLP made what were often described as “quantum leaps” in terms of success rates for a whole series of previously intractable issues, one of the most notable being Stop Smoking.

Today Stop Smoking Specialists who have in-depth knowledge and experience in both Hypnosis and NLP achieve superb results in helping people to stop smoking.

James Jameson, in addition to being a highly experienced and qualified Hypnotherapist, is also a highly experienced and qualified NLP Master Practitioner.

If you want to stop smoking, call James on 1800924864 and take full advantage of his great experience and the synergistic marriage of Hypnosis and NLP to stop smoking in one hour for life.